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Yellowbird Mini Hot Sauce Sampler Set - 5-pack

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A variety 5-pack of Yellowbird's mini 2.2 oz. flavor–filled, classic hot sauces.

Made with farm-fresh ingredients and subtly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Each Classic Hot Sauce flavor carries its own uniquely Yellowbird characteristics and varying heat levels.

Every single thing Yellowbird makes is fantastic! You can’t go wrong, quality ingredients and quality taste. A great gift for yourself or your mates.

At our Birdhouse we fancy keepin’ it real — not watered down. We use only the freshest, juiciest fruits and veggies nature has to offer — whole food taste with a heavy heatwave.

Squeeze for an endorphin rush. Our spicy condiments are crafted flavor first, heat second, celebrating the subtleties of each ingredient. Small–batch and made daily, we do everything in our power to keep the spice flowin’.

5-sauce pack includes:
Jalapeno 1,152 – 2,304 SHU
Serrano 1,600 – 6,160 SHU
Sriracha 1,325 – 2,650 SHU
Habanero 15,580 – 54,530 SHU
Ghost Pepper Approx. 23,435 SHU