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Chile Mojo - Birria Bundle

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la Birria Bundle has all the tricky, hard to find chiles and ingredients found in many of the recipes for BIRRIA, the forefather of Texas' Chili con Carne.

Kit contains:
Ancho chiles
Guajillo chiles
de Arbol chiles
Allspice, cumin, clove, cinnamon and Mexican Oregano.

The Birria Bundle reflects a better ratio of chiles than buying individual packs (more Guajillo, much less De Arbol) for a single batch recipe without leftover chiles.

This quantity suits approx 1.5kg of meat yielding about 2 litres / 10 serves.

The spices included are in arbitrary measure; some may not be used at all.  Recipes vary widely.  Included are a small amount of each of the items less likely to be in a typical home pantry.


Customer Reviews

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Brought 2 Birria bundle based on Ewan’s review

Hey great review Ewan really appreciate it cheers Sully

Brilliant kit for an easy meal.

Found this recipe in my inbox recently. I was looking to buy the ingredients when I found Joel does this kit. Sorted! I used the above recipe as a guide really. C/F: with others on the net, and cooked it last w/end.

I made up the spice mix with vine tomatoes, onions, peppers, two fresh chillies and some veg from the fridge. Cooked it down and blitzed to a smooth paste. Online recipes call for a fatty cut or things like oxtail/ribs. I had 1kg of gravy beef, 500g or coarse ground brisket. I fried off the mince, then browned the beef. Into the slow cooker with the sauce for about 4 hours on low. The beef was pulled out and shredded, seasoning checked, and returned to the pot for another 2 hours on high.

Because of the meat used, there wasn't the layer of fat to fry the tacos with, so I dipped flour tacos in the sauce and fried in a drop of rice bran. Served with Mexican rice on the side. I've had it another twice over the preceding week and it just gets better every time. There was even enough to put a couple of serves in the freezer for later.

This kit was a great time saver, and if you don't use a lot of dried chillies it's economical too. Great flavour, nothing apart from meat and veg needed to make, and leftovers for several more meals. I'll be buying another one or two next time I'm in Adelaide.

Cant recommend enough, and a great base to experiment from going forward. 5 stars!