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Chile Mojo Original Chili con Carne Kit 230gm

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The original San Antonio Chili con Carne Kit.

In the 1850's, in the middle of Texas 'twa a whole bunch of cowboys, soldiers, ranchers and other hungry kin needing victuals.  There was also a fairbit of beef and pork muscle about.  The locals had these fantastic things called CHEE-LAYS.  Show it all some American chowpot cookin' and viola Chili con Carne!!

This kit takes the often re-worked legendary dish back to its origins.

Makes 2 litres / about 10 serves.
Includes: Mexican chiles, a simmering sack and a finishing sack.
You add: 1.5kg meat, 3 onions, suet and/or lard.

Full recipe, history and step-by-step instructions included.

Ingredients: whole dried Mexican chiles, beef stock powder, guajillo chile powder, corn masa, garlic flake, cumin, coriander seed, mexican oregano, sage, chives, bay leaf, black pepper, celery seed.