A big bowl of Chili con Carne, the perfect Winter Warmer

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Chile Mojo Original Chili con Carne Kit 230gm

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The original San Antonio Chili con Carne Kit.

In the 1850's, in the middle of Texas 'twa a whole bunch of cowboys, soldiers, ranchers and other hungry kin needing victuals.  There was also a fair bit of beef and pork muscle about.  The locals had these fantastic things called CHEE-LAYS.  Show it all some American chowpot cookin' and viola Chili con Carne!!

This kit takes the often re-worked legendary dish back to its origins.

Makes 2 litres / about 10 serves.
Includes: Mexican chiles, a simmering pack and a finishing pack.
You add: 1.5kg meat, 3 onions, suet and/or lard.

Full recipe, history and step-by-step instructions included.

Please note: arbol chiles are temporarily replacing pequin chiles shown as in photos.

Ingredients: whole dried Mexican chiles, beef style (vegetarian) stock powder, guajillo chile powder, corn masa, garlic flake, cumin, coriander seed, mexican oregano, sage, chives, bay leaf, black pepper, celery seed.

Customer Reviews

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David S
It does a pretty good job

I do like this kit, it makes a nice chilli once you tweak it a bit.
My first use I followed the (somewhat vague) directions and, up until the last step, seemed to be going OK. However, the finishing pack had something in it which I personally disliked. I cannot put my finger on exactly what it was. But the dish did not improve with the addition of this bag, it went backwards. Personal opinion, obviously.
My second attempt, I sieved the finishing pack to remove the larger particles. I did think it may have had coriander leaf, which I am not a huge fan of, as you can see green leafy particles in it. This mostly worked on those bits and also removed a significant amount of what appear to be small flower buds along with other items. The other spices and finer particles went into the dish and this seems to have worked, a much better result,
I would like to see the 'holy trinity' of whole dried chillies supplied - ancho, guajillo, and pasillas, for the sauce base.
Will buy again, and continue tweaking to see what else can be done.

Ash Brown

Got the kit for my brother he cooked it for me following the recipe cooked it with beef chuck and pork cube.
Tasted amazing very well balanced left out some of the small chili for less heat still turned out great.
We are definitely buying this product again and will tell all our Mex loving friends too.

Loved it

Basically followed the instructions using beef cheeks. No pork and I added some garlic because everything needs a little garlic. It was awesome.
Instructions are a little vague but that just gives you little more room to tailor it to your own tastes.
Highly recommend

You NEED to try this

Just the best. The flavour the chilis from this kit give is beyond compare. Forget your ground beef / mince chili with whatever spice dust you use, this is absolutely next level. No, really. I used cubed chuck steak and pork shoulder, browned first and chopped onion fried in beef tallow. I then added the soaked , de-seeded and blended chili mix, cooked as per included instructions. If you use lard, beware, the smell of it frying can be quite strong, beef dripping works well. Unbelievable. A little sour cream, some chopped coriander if you like it, some cornbread or rice........ heaven. I hope Chili Mojo continues to stock this kit as I have been woken up to how good real chili con carne can be ! !