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Chile Mojo Guacamole Mix

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Chile Mojo's custom hand-blended all-natural Guacamole Mix.

25gm pack seasons up to 15 medium avocados

75gm pack seasons up to 45 medium avocados
250gm pack seasons up to 150 medium avocados

Ingredients: capsicum, pasilla and ancho chile (chilli), salt, garlic, spices.

Avocado tips:
Select ripe, not mushy avocados.
Cut each in half (around the seed). Remove seed and scoop flesh out of the peel with a large spoon.

¡Great Guac!

Cut half of the avocado into cubes.
Mash the other half well with a fork.
Combine with Guacamole Mix*and a good squeeze of lime or lemon juice.
Lay plastic wrap over the top and refrigerate for 1 hour.

*Use 1 level half-teaspoon Guacamole Mix per medium avocado

Hot Tip: An avocado seed placed in the mixture will slow oxidation (browning).

Guacamole can also be “augmented” into a salsa or avocado dip.

Add an additional 1½ tsp of Guacamole Mix per cup of:
* chopped tomato
* sour cream
* OR (if ethics allow), mayonnaise

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jonathan Lambert
A tasty boost. A little goes a long way

A great, tasty mix that boosts you guacamole instantly and at a teaspoon per avocado, it goes a long way (yet somehow I think I'll be back for more in no time)

Best Guac ever!

If you want a tasty spice mix while avoiding the big supermarkets, look no further! This is absolutely delicious. Took it to a gathering of a couple people and they all demolished it leaving almost none for me.