A big bowl of Chili con Carne, the perfect Winter Warmer

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Chile Mojo Taco seasoning

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All-natural MILD Taco Seasoning.

In Mexico tacos are a snack food to get one through ‘til the day’s main meal.  Of course, with all the trimmings, it’s easy to make them into a full-on smorgasbord.

Start with seasoned meats, corn or flour tortillas, and have lots of little bowls around for: salsas ? grated cheese ? diced fresh onion ? avocados/guacamole ? shredded lettuce ? sour cream ? black olive slices ? diced fresh tomato ? chile slices OR ? refried beans.

Ingredients: chile powder, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, Mexican oregano.

25gm packet seasons up to 500g mince
75gm packet seasons up to 1.5kg mince

Customer Reviews

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Sooo much better than the taco kit seasoning

I'm lazy so use the taco kits from the store. But having gotten a packet of this with my last order used it instead of the provided seasoning. It elevated the tacos to the next level and I could never go back after this discovery. Highly recommend this seasoning.

Most preferred.

I much prefer this than the big brand supermarket rubbish! Thank you chile mojo