A big bowl of Chili con Carne, the perfect Winter Warmer

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Chile Mojo Chili Powder Blend

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Mild Chili Powder all-natural seasoning blend.

25g seasons 750g meat or beans
75g seasons 1.5kg meat or beans

Chili Powder, with this distinctive spelling, is a blended seasoning for chili; the thick Texas stew. For authentic flavour we recommend using only products made in small craft-batches with genuine Mexican chiles, real Mexican oregano and no preservative or anti-caking agents. (The name ‘Chile Mojo’ comes to mind).
Other great uses include: cooked salsas, egg dishes, marinades, soups, rice, hamburgers and grill meats. Try a sprinkle on fresh rockmelon or jicama or add to mayonnaise for sandwiches or potato salad. Directions and recipe included.

Ingredients: chile powder(chilli), spices, garlic powder, Mexican oregano.

Customer Reviews

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Brett Morgan
Pretty damed good!

Put thi chilli powder in my first attempt at red chimmichurrri sauce, it was really good! Highly recommended.