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Mini Guanaclay Folk Art Altar Pottery Set

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Little clay jarritos, platos and ollas all made of clay (guanaclay).

Delightful mini-decor items perfectly suited to a Day of the Dead Ofrenda (altar) but also fun for kids who can put agua (water) in the jarritos and play "restaurant" or pretend to cook and serve their teddy bears.

The word jarritos literally translates as "little jugs" and is famous for the carbonated beverage Jarritos because the soft drink was named Jarrito in reference to the tradition of drinking agua and aguas frescas (fruit-flavored water) from clay pots to keep them cooler for longer.

These guanaclay miniature clay pots come in a pack of ten.
Size of pieces vary but they are between 1.5cm to 5cm.