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Heat level : 5

Fiji Fire Native Bongo Hot Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 5
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As seen on The Hot Ones - Season 11.

Bongo chiles and Fijian turmeric give this sauce an island flair that pays tribute to Fiji’s legendary fire walkers of Beqa Island.

Batch crafted along with turmeric harvested by Fijian village women and tangy vinegar, this sauce has a perfect blend of heat and flavour.

Native to Fiji, the Bongo Chile is a delicious and beautiful habanero with a sweet, fruity taste. The Bongo Chiles used in FIJI FIRE are hand selected by knowledgeable Fijian farmers who only accept the freshest and best Bongos for FIJI FIRE.

Ingredients: Naturally Brewed Vinegar, Fresh Fijian Bongo Chillies (30%), Sweet Carrots, Wild Fijian Tumeric, Tasman Sea Salt.

Vegan, Keto friendly, Paleo friendly, No Artificials, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.

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