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Pimenta Biquinho (beak pepper) 300gm jar

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Also known as Chupetinho, Pimenta de Bico or Chupetinha. Hailing from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Pimenta Biquinho peppers are round and little with a distinctive, tapered point or tail that resembles a birds beak.

Also known as Chupetinho, Kiss Peppers, Little Beak Peppers or Pimenta de Bico, Pimenta Biquinho Peppers are a traditional variety of Brazilian peppers that are small in size with a tapered point resembling birds beak and range in shades of red.

These peppers have a fantastic tangy fruity flavour but are very mild which makes them perfect in salads, on cheese boards & many other dishes.

Ingredients: Biquinho Pepper, Vinegar & Salt. No Dye Added.