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Book - The Gourmet Mexican Kitchen

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With The Gourmet Mexican Kitchen you'll be able to make authentic hard to find Mexican fare at home—think Enchiladas Mineras from Guanajuato, Sopa de Calabazza from Oaxaca, Arroz a la Tumbada from Veracruz and Cohinita Pibil originating in the Yucatán region of Mexico.

Tips and tricks pulled from Shannon's years of experience will have you trying terrific new dishes. Master one of ten salsa recipes, wow your crowd with a Classic Mexican Vanilla Flan or build a feast around Citrus Rubbed Roasted Chicken with Pueblo Style Mole.

And don't forget to pair your creations with one of her incredible margaritas! Whether you're looking to impress guests or just cuddle up with the perfect bowl of guacamole, The Gourmet Mexican Kitchen will introduce an exciting world of food and flavor.

Looking for interesting, authentic recipes which remain approachable? This cookbook fits that criteria well. The writing style is very clear and informative. As an example, in the Red Chile Pork Tamales recipe, the reader is told that there will be leftover pork and ways to use it, is given a tip for how to know when you need to add more water when steaming the tamales (add a clean coin to the water - as long as it is rattling, there is enough water), told the history of the tamale, why you should not leave the salt on the pork longer than an hour, plus a photo of the final product.

A great cookbook for those who want to cook Mexican food with fresh ingredients

208 pages, soft cover
Dimensions - 20cm x 22cm x 1.5cm