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Book - Tamales

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Tamales have endured for millennia and remain an important part of the traditions of Mexico, Central America, South America and the southwestern United States.

In Tamales, Hoyer gives an overview of the ingredients, methods of preparation and flavor possibilities of tamales. More specifically, you'll find recipes for different types of masa, with variations on each, a variety of fillings, and enough filling, sauce, and salsa recipes to inspire you to create your own interpretations.

"If there's a better book for the veteran tamale afficienado than this one I don't know what it is. This book covers everything you need to know, and beyond that, a lot that you wanted to know but you didn't know it. A comprehensive guide to the world of tamales, this book provides a complete overview of the methods of preparation, and presents the subject in a way that is refreshing and that takes the dread out of making tamales. Further, it presents the appropriate notion that there is not only "one true way" to make tamales but an infinite variety confined only by your imagination. In more than 50 recipes you'll find a variety of masas, sauces, and salsa that present a host of exciting flavor combinations with this staple of the Latin American diet. I cannot say enough good about this book or it's author Daniel Hoyer."  Amazon reviewer John Strohl.

128 pages, hard cover
Dimensions - 21cm x 2cm x 1.7cm