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Yerba Mate Natural Gourd

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A traditional pumpkin gourd, approximately 7cm in height.

Curing your gourd. It is necessary to cure your gourd before using it as it removes the remaining inner skin or flesh of the pumpkin and also adapts the gourd, ready for your yerba mate. Over time it will age and be permeated with the 'spirit of the yerba'.

Instructions - pour hot (not boiling) water over half a gourd-full of yerba mate. Let sit for 24 hours. The gourd will absorb some of the water so top up with more hot water as required.  Warning: boiling water may crack your gourd.

Please note: being a natural product it's size and shape will vary slightly but should be approx. 7-10cm tall. The inside skin of the gourd may also be dis-coloured and this is normal. Curing your gourd prior to use is essential.