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I am a new customer just completing my first order last week. I just wanted to say that I love your website, I like how I can search by heat rating and predominant ingredients etc. I look forward to testing some of the new sauces that I ordered and given your huge range am looking forward to trying others in the future.
- Ryan


I would just like to take the time to send you guys a quick email expressing our thanks for the order that just arrived.  We were anticipating the delivery to arrive either Friday or next Monday but it arrived by Wednesday!
Highlights of the delivery would have to be the Ole Smoky Moonshine Hot BBQ Sauce - Simply the best we've tried, we thought the Bone Doctor's range was outstanding but this is something else. Last but not least the Touloulou Scotch Bonnet Chili Sauce may officially find pride and place at the top of my pantry - wickedly addictive Australian made product.
Good work Chile Mojo, I have spread the word far and wide about your good selves to family, friends,  and acquaintances alike.

- Guillaume

Best selection of hot sauces in Australia. and a superb collection of everything else to make the best Mexican and southern American foods
- Liam Hughes


I have just received my order and wanted to say thank you!

What great & kind service your staff offer

- Danyelle Mildren


Just has the best help from these guys in all my Mexican food needs and questions!! Absolute best customer service ever!!
Worth a visit .

– Dee Hanna


Wow, love coming to this shop! Great range of amazing chilli sauces & mustaches! Thank you!

– Katherine Cicchiello


What a fantastic store. Great selection and great folk!!

– Howard Murray

Heard so much about the place and it was even better than i had been told. The customer service is really what shines through, though. Lovely, informative guys who even gave me a few of their home grown Tomatillos to experiment with! Just made a salsa verde with them and opened my eyes to a cool new flavour.
Ill be back for sure. Cheers!

– Max Fry



This place has a really good range of things, and the dude who I assume owns it is really friendly and helpful!

– Iain Price


Love this shop! Delivery to WA is always quick and I have never had a problem with an order, sometimes they even give little samples :) Only wish I could visit the actual shop!

– Natasha King


Morgen went above and beyond for me and I am so thankful for her customer service and the fact that they stock West Indian hot sauce. We will be life long customers.

– Jessica Skye Ragbir


Joel is... a chili hippy. The range is fantastic (i go for Serrano Chili Lime Sauce and Melinda's Garlic Sauce), the chipotle is excellent, and we've now got two chili plants growing in the yard. Plus, any place where some of the things you can buy are so hot you have to sign a disclaimer is worth looking at.

– DeanKielpinski

Fantastic range of chile products. The postal delivery is easy to use and their customer service do read your requests and comments.
I love it ! Strongly recommend it !!
– Luis Garduno

Spent a few bucks here today. I was in CHILE heaven service was awesome, joined the chile club. LIFE SORTED
– Heather Meredith


Went to Chile Mojo and got 3 seedlings. The last Carolina Reaper they had, an explosive ember and a jalokia peach. Very happy with the price. All planted today. Just waiting for the sun to go away so I can water them.  Will fertilize as well.

– Tony Knight


Great place for chili aficionados and all things mexican!...these guys have everything from mild to mind numbing. Very knowledgeable about their products. Make sure you set aside at least an hour to look at what they have.

Arriba Arriba andelé!

– Iain Price

The ESSENTIAL place I go to buy Mexican groceries, especially the obscure ones. They also have great Caribbean and Louisiana Cajun/Creole supplies. The shelf full of hot sauces is overwhelming in it's diversity. This isn't even getting into the fact that Joel (the American owner) is an absolute legend who is great help guiding one through the products. Couldn't recommend Chile Mojo more enthusiastically.
- Blake Trio

 07/10/2016, 02:05

"I've been a reliable (*other hot sauce seller*) customer over the last ten years, so when it came to order they were not able to provide "Dave's Insanity Sauce".

What is a chilli heads personal hall of fame without "Dave's Insanity Sauce"?  So I needed to find a "hot sauce speciality shop" that sold "Dave's Insanity Sauce".

Note: Nothing special about "Dave's Insanity Sauce" will all the other excellent offerings (Mad Dog 357, etc etc), but hey we are all creatures of habit and it was "Dave's Insanity Sauce" that broke my "Scoville Virginity", so for me "Dave's Insanity Sauce" is the grand daddy of hot sauces.

So simply out of good fortune (that *"Other Seller"* didn't have "Dave's Insanity Sauce" in stock), Chile Mojo scored my business.

Well done Chile Mojo, because to "steal" someone's customer because you had "Dave's Insanity Sauce" in stock demonstrates you are on the ball !!!

How can you be in the "hot sauce business" and not sell "Dave's Insanity Sauce" ???

All I can now say is that my next hot sauce order will be more difficult because I now have two hot sauce vendors to choose from.

Keep up the good work !!!"

– Jack Hoffman

03/10/2016, 12:12

"Thanks so much guys. Awesome service and I've been able to track down a few items I haven't been able to find in ages!
PSA: Do yourselves a favour and get the Bone Suckin' BBQ sauce. It will change your life."

– Tash

06/09/2016, 16:13

"Ordered my first order from Chile Mojo a couple of days ago and i assure you it wont be my last. The order was processed right away and in the post that afternoon, although I requested standard post the order arrived the next day. I purchased some hand blown glass shot glass and the quality and detail is flawless. Will purchase from again."

– Beau, Queensland

06/09/2016, 08:09

"Thanks for the fast delivery and a big thank you to Andrew who handled my order, very satisfied, you guys are awesome!"

– Jason Brooks

25/08/2016, 18:16

"Amazing. The service, quality and speed of delivery is fantastic. I will be back for more."

– Kirsty-Adelaide

01/07/2016, 09:50

"I only wish there was a higher ranking than "Excellent". The parcel has just arrived. Thank you for the speedy action, the articles are exactly what I asked for this is the second time I have ordered & both times you have exceeded my expectations.

Barry Chapman Bundeena NSW."

– Barry Chapman

01/06/2016, 14:11

"I am absolutely floored by how fast my order arrived. I placed my order yesterday afternoon and I received it this morning. Just incredible, thank you so much! I look forward to ordering from you again in the future and spreading the good word about Chile Mojo."

– Fiona

02/04/2016, 10:30

"Muchos Gritos! There I was, craving my famous enchiladas. No Guajillos! Overnight delivery! Now I can make the sauce that reminds me of home. Muchas Gracias."

– Cherie

04/02/2016, 11:16

"I still can't believe the delivery speed. Literally 16 hours between placing an online order and delivery to my front door in Tasmania! Great range of cook books and the other products look amazing too.

Thanks guys!"

– Edith

15/01/2016, 13:18

"tried this online store for the first time to see if they were reliable . i ordered some seriously hot sauce and other stuff on 13th and it came today .i highly recommend this place if you want a hot ass hehe. will be ordering again soon. "

– mark regulski

24/12/2015, 11:05

"I wanted to say a massive thank you for fantastic customer service so close to Christmas. I only ordered my Gourd yesterday and it has already arrived at my door in Sydney! My friend is going to be so excited to receive his present before Christmas."

– Steph

02/12/2015, 07:57

"I just wanted to say thank you. I'll definitely be coming back. Excellent service and super fast delivery."

– Brody

20/10/2015, 17:22

"The Chile Mojo Jerk Rub is spectacular! We marinaded some chicken overnight with lime juice and plenty of jerk rub, and we could barely hold ourselves back while it was barbecuing. My sister has very little spice tolerance, but the flavour was so good, she gave it a wholehearted seal of approval. I think I'll be buying more soon!"

– Joel, Queensland

17/09/2015, 08:03

"You will come for the mind-blowing range of products, the affordable, lightning fast freight,and you will stay for the magnificent customer service! Joel and Morgen will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy with your purchases. I am 110% satisfied, 5 stars all the way, many thanks."

– Mark, Brisbane,..

23/08/2015, 11:33

"Chile Mojo rocks! My first purchase with them and I am 110% satisfied!! They are my new favourite shop! Customer service and delivery could not be faulted!! Ordered 2.10am on Tuesday (insomniac!), item was delivered to my front door before 11am Thursday. Awesome job Chile Mojo, keep up the great work!!
Kaz, Bendigo."

– Kaz, Bendigo.

30/07/2015, 21:03

"Excellent customer service, quick delivery and great variety. I'm Mexican and happy. Always something new to keep me coming back for more. I can't thank you enough."

– Catalina Gamble

04/07/2015, 17:52

"Thank you, I placed my first order on Wednesday night. Even though there was an issue with my PayPal transaction which required a manual payment by phone on Thursday, I still received my order on Friday.
Very impressive service and speedy delivery from SA to WA. Your prices are also very reasonable.
I will be recommending your service to my other hot sauce loving friends.
Thank you very much.

– Andrew

28/06/2015, 19:19

"Our order arrived so quick, such good service. I'm telling all my friends about you. Home made corn tortillas are the best!

Thank you, Carly."

– Carly

28/05/2015, 22:40

"I Love this shop. I can't recommend it enough. 6/5 stars
Chile Mojo is really my one stop shop for all my Chile and mexican needs. Joel is a really great guy and really customer orientated. It's also nice to find a shop that encourages sharing recipes, not hides them. As a cook it's great so be able to find some of the obscure ingredients available here.

Cheers, James"

– James

10/04/2015, 11:52

"Chile Mojo has this rare beautiful Jamaican hot sauce I couldn't dream of getting anywhere else in Australia. I was so happy they had it! The service was so fast too - next day delivery and I'm in another state. This shop is the best. Renae - Perth."

– Renae

13/03/2015, 11:55

"Just want to thank you so, so much for your super speedy delivery - my Mexican cook off is going to go off without a hitch now!

Everyone should know how great you guys are, a faster than 24hr turnaround from order to arrival is amazing :)"

– Jacqui

24/12/2014, 20:07

"Thank you so much for getting my order sent out and processed in such quick time! You guys are beyond amazing :) "

– Emily

18/11/2014, 20:13

"Just wanted to say the sauces arrived safely next day just like you said they would. I appreciate your help and cant wait to order again."

– Dave

26/09/2014, 16:06

"The nicest person is Joel, was sooo helpful & I thought I was in heaven with the wonderful eclectic mix in the sensational Chile Mojo Store. If you need your Chilli fix like me give them a try as I rate them 110%"

– Kerry

18/09/2014, 20:58

"Order arrived and as usual in quick smart time, thanks for packaging it so well.
Oh, thanks for the chili and mango lollipop, my day is complete!"

– Shane

16/08/2014, 00:29

"You guys are the greatest. Need to plug Heatseekers Smokey Jolokia Hot Sauce - delicious and local. Out of stock. Make more in bigger bottles please."

– fnord

07/08/2014, 07:55

"Keep up the great work folks, sure is good to get some of the stuff we used to have regularly in the USA over the years, here. Until next time, all the best!"

– Alan and Stephanie

03/06/2014, 16:32

"Am loving your range and your super speedy deliveries. Expect more business from me :) ... Camm"

– Camm, 02 June 2014

28/05/2014, 09:06

"Good Morning,
I received my order today. I just wanted to thank you so much for your quick shipping and care taken in boxing my items.

It’s hard when you order from a new place and don’t know what to expect, but you have exceeded all expectations!!! I will definitely be ordering more things from you in the near future and will have NO problem recommending your site to others.

Please thank all staff for their care and quality customer service.

Regards, Robyn."

– Robyn, 21 Aug 2013

28/05/2014, 09:05

"Thank you sooooo much... I just want you to know how much we love your shop...

You have things that I can't find anywhere else ... at least not in Australia ... Thanks again and Chili ON ! !

Cheers, Patrick"

– Patrick - 20 Jan 2014

28/05/2014, 09:03

"Hello Morgen,
I’ve just received the 2 ctns Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary mix.

I first experienced this spiced tomato juice on Qantas international flights and since then, nowhere else.

I appreciate the rapid delivery. I’m sure this will be only the first of many such orders in the future.

I’ve tried making my own spiced juice with many recipes on the net and buying V8 hot & spicy juice from the local supermarket but nothing beats the right mix provided by Mr & Mrs T.

Thanks again.

Kind regards, Peter."

– Peter, 30 Jan 2014

28/05/2014, 09:02

I placed an order with you last week and it arrived the next day! Thank you so much for such fantastic service and for having an amazing range of products to choose from too!

Cheers, Abbey."

– Abbey, 29 Apr 2014

28/05/2014, 09:01

"Hi Morgen & Joel,
I received my order, impeccably packaged again.

I don’t know whether I let you know the first time I ordered, where I came across you. I used to be able to buy the hot sauce in Hobart, but they stopped carrying it. Anyway, I saw your ad in Feast Magazine….YAY!!!! So I wanted to let you know that your advertising has worked!!!

Thanks again. I am looking at getting a tortilla press to make corn tortillas as I am gluten free and the store ones aren’t so nice. Was hoping that homemade ones would taste less like cardboard.


– Robyn, 9 Jan 2014

28/05/2014, 08:59

"Thank you so so so much!

I will be making a repeat order for sure, I also happy - my friends and family think I'm obsessed (which I am), I put chipotle with EVERYTHING. Thank you for extra yummy bits too :)


– Mandy, 20 Aug 2013

28/05/2014, 08:58

Hi Chile Mojo,
Just a quick note to say thanks for being a stockist of the Makers Mark Gourmet Sauce, and thanks for the speedy delivery of the 2 bottles that I ordered.

Cheers, Dave.

– Dave, 20 Jun 2013

28/05/2014, 08:57

Thank you the goods arrived today.

I am really happy with your service and it is great to have discovered your business.

I am drinking a clamato juice and vodka as I type this to you. I have been looking for somewhere to buy clamato juice for years.

Also I am looking forward to trying out the blue corn masa …another hard product to find.

There was a lovely painting/picture in the top of the box. A really nice touch.

All the best, Maree."

– Maree, 19 Feb 2014

28/05/2014, 08:56

"You guys rock!!

I just wanted to say how amazingly fast my order came, even though I live in a pretty small rural town. Thank you so much it all looks really great. I will definitely be buying more stuff from you in the future.

Thanks again,
Elizabeth "

– Elizabeth, 27 Nov 2013

28/05/2014, 08:55

"To whom it may concern:

I wish to inform you that I have received the consignment of the Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix today. Thank you ever so much. I didn’t realise it would come so soon and I am so appreciative that I was able to order and purchase it here in Australia.

I was introduced to Bloody Mary’s on a trip to the US a few years ago and on Virgin Airlines. I love it with Vodka and on it’s own. The best mix ever! I won’t have anymore withdrawal symptoms and I plan to order more from you in the future.

Once again, thank you so much.

Kind regards, Marianne."

– Marianne, 01 Feb 2013

28/05/2014, 08:55

"I received my package today! Just like you said on the phone haha. I tried all the sauces, love them all.

I would just like to say how great the customer service was, its not often that you receive a call! Really nice touch.

Thank's a lot, i am sure i will be shopping again soon.


– James - 31 Mar 2013

14/03/2014, 08:54

Hi Joel,

It was a pleasure to buy my Mexican products with you, I recived very fast the products, the day before yesterday, I am looking forward to buy more, in a couple of weeks.

Kind regards, Virginia.

Viva Mexico!!

– Virginia 14 Mar 2014

06/01/2014, 08:53

"Hi Morgen,

I would just like to say a huge thank you in taking the time to help out with everything possible to get the sauces to me, they actually arrived today (much much sooner than I expected) and I'm very happy with the condition/care you put towards packaging them. Looking forward to shopping with Chile Mojo again!

Cheers, Leticia"

– Leticia - 06 Jan 2014

02/08/2013, 18:48

"Hi, Just a note to say a big thank you!
I ordered 6 bottles of Tabasco from you on 01/08, and it arrived today! That's incredible! That has never happened before.
Cheers, Sandi"

– Sandi - 02 Aug 2013