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Heat level : 6

Walkerswood Jonkanoo Hot Sauce 177ml (6oz)

Heat level : 6
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This is a Jamaican favorite.

Made with scotch bonnet chiles which while they dominate the flavor profile are balanced by a little sour tang from the cane vinegar and sweetness from cane sugar. The savory components from onions, garlic and thyme all combine to make a hot yet versatile sauce.

The scotch bonnet chiles provide an immediate tangy bite which then spreads into a warm glow.

Try on eggs, in beans, with veggies and most meats.

Ingredients: Water, Hot Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Scallions, Onions, Garlic Powder, Potassium Sorbate, and Thyme.

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