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Walkerswood Jerk Mild 280gm (10oz)

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Walkerswood has tempered the Scotch Bonnet peppers in their Traditional HOT & SPICY Jerk formula to allow for a gentle spicy kiss while maintaining the true Jamaican Jerk Seasoning taste.


•1 Whole Chicken – washed
•1 tbs Coconut Oil (substitute w/ Olive Oil)
•1 tbs Flour
•1 whole Onion – sliced
•1 sprig Fresh Thyme
•1 garlic Clove – minced
•2 cups Chicken Stock or Water

•Rub Jerk Seasoning + oil into the chicken and allow to marinate – overnight for best results
•Bake chicken in oven for 45 minutes to an hour @ 375° until cooked through
•Remove chicken from the roasting pan and allow to rest while we move on to the gravy
•Place the Roasting pan on the stove, and warm on medium heat, Add the flour and stir until you have cooked the flour, once well combined add the chicken stock while stirring constantly, once you have everything blended, add the onion, garlic and thyme and allow Gravy to reduce until a nice rich consistency is achieved
•Carve chicken, and serve with rice & peas

Ingredients: Scallions, hot peppers, black pepper, salt, onion, allspice, nutmeg, cane sugar, citric acid, thyme.

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