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Heat level : 4

Truff Original Truffle Hot Sauce Mini 1.5oz (43gm)

Heat level : 4
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Now in a mini tempter size.  Perfect in a gift basket, or just to try.

Oh yes, the truffle certainly shines through in this truly wonderful sauce.  Probably not an everyday sauce as it does have a strong truffle flavour but a must to add to tomato-y pastas, meats and even in a cheese sandwich.

This original version has mild-medium heat, so honestly, we gravitate towards the Hotter but this one is perfect for those who like a little less heat.

This truly is a premium sauce.  If you like truffles, you won't be disappointed.

* vegan
* gluten free

Ingredients: Truff chili blend 52% (red chili peppers, vinegar, organic sugar, garlic, salt, black truffle 0.5% [tuber melanosporum]), organic agave nectar, olive oil infused with black truffle essence 0.3%, natural colour (lycopene and glycerin), organic cumin, xanthan gum.