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Heat level : 16

Torchbearer The Rapture Deadly Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 16
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You want the heat? The hottest, freshest, all-natural hot sauce on the market? Then you are going to go ape for Rapture.  This tricky sauce will start out with a raw, earthy pepper taste that is unmatched and slowly gives way to a heat that will drop most mortals to their knees.  The first five ingredients are all super-hot chiles - what a line up.  But it's important to note that they're followed by a bunch of lovely ingredients like mandarins, carrots and tomatoes to add a great balance to the flavour of shit-loads of chiles.

Rapture is going to make even the biggest super hot sauce fanatic stop for a moment and contemplate their life choices. Remember, as with all TorchBearer products, heat can be very important but flavor is just as much so and this sauce has both with plenty to spare.

Brave souls will throw it on a crab cake, sushi, or nachos while others may add a teaspoon or two to their pot of homemade veggie soup or chili. Don’t be “left behind” and get ready to enjoy the hottest, tastiest, and freshest extreme hot sauce this world has to offer.

Ingredients: trinidad scorpion peppers, moruga scorpion peppers, carolina reaper peppers, bhut jolokia peppers, habanero peppers, caarrots, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, distilled white vinegar, vegetable oil, garlic, sugar, chili powder, salt and pepper.

* gluten free