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Top Shelf Mexican Pantry Starter

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New to cooking Mexican?  Need to kick-start your pantry?

We've picked the most used ingredients and pantry staples, gathered them together and bundled it with one of the best Mexican cookbooks around.  Rick Bayless covers the basics well with 'secret weapon' sauces to have on hand.  And then moves beyond 'the expected'.  With section titles like "Rice Cooker Simplicity", "Slow Cooker Satisfaction", "The Grill, The Stove And Oven".

Many ingredients in the book are in a regular supermarket, butcher or greengrocer and this starter pack includes many 'called for' Mexican ingredients:

Kit includes:
Ground chipotle 20gm
Whole ancho 70gm
Whole arbol 50gm
Whole guajillo 50gm
Mexican oregano 15gm
Chipotles en adobo 200gm - brand may vary
Tajin 142gm
Valentina Hot Sauce (mild)
Hominy 700-800gm - brand may vary
Achiote Paste 100gm
La Tortilleria tortillas - 15pack
Tomatillos 300gm
Book - More Mexican Everyday