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Heat level : 4

Tabasco Family Reserve Pepper Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 4
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Once reserved for the McIlhenny family and close friends, our TABASCO brand Family Reserve Pepper Sauce blends premium ingredients to create an exclusive, limited edition flavor that you can only find here.

Made from special, hand-selected peppers and Avery Island salt, this unique pepper mash is aged for up to 8 years in white oak barrels, much longer than the normal 3 year aging process of our Original Red Sauce. The Family Reserve pepper mash is then blended with premium white wine vinegar, strained and bottled as a small batch.

With the familiar Tabasco flavour but deeper and richer than the original. With it's extra aging in oak barrels there's also a hit of smokiness.

With limited availability, grab one while you can.

Ingredients: red peppers, vinegar, salt.

Gluten free and zero calories.