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Heat level : 4

Tabasco Buffalo Style Half Gallon (1.89 litres)

Heat level : 4
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** Be sure to add a sauce pump to your order.  Valued at $9.99 it will be free when buying any half gallon of Tabasco and is tailored especially to make dispensing a breeze. **

Nearly two litres o' Buffalo Chipotle sauce. That should keep you going for a while.

Not just wings, but many other things.

TABASCO® Buffalo Style Sauce is so thick it sticks to foods, wrapping them in flavor. And since it’s one of our milder sauces, it has just the right amount of heat to do more than make one-of-a-kind wings. Just mix it with fresh, melted butter and toss it into a bowl of wings. Plus, it goes great on any chicken dish and on sandwiches, burgers and a whole lot more. And it adds an authentic Buffalo flavor when stirred into ketchup, mayo, dressings and other condiments.

Please note: Tabasco half gallons do not have a long best before date. While they will be 'good' for a long time past this date, please be aware that it is likely your half gallon will be 'close'. If you are concerned about dates, feel free to call the store to check current dates before purchasing.

Ingredients: red cayenne pepper, salt, water, distilled vinegar and garlic.