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Seeds - Sweetcorn Anasazi

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Multi-coloured with red, blue and white kernels in varying combinations. Anasazi means "ancient one".  Resembling a maize or flour corn, but is actually a good eating sweet corn.  Not quite as sweet as commercial varieties but far more nutritious and fun to eat.

Reputed to be from seeds found in the Anasazi Indian ruins of SW USA. Possibly the oldest sweet corn still in existence today.

An heirloom variety which is drought-resistant and doesn’t require the extreme fertility and weed-free conditions many modern corns need.  Like most corn, it does do best in warm temperatures.

Plants grow to 2m high and produce 2-4 multi-coloured cobs.  Opening the cobs is a delight with each ear producing different colors ranging from yellow and white kernels to yellow, white, pinks, blues, and purples to a few even almost all deep red…and it’s sweet and juicy.  For the best eating, watch the cobs carefully. When the juice in the kernels is clear, the corn is not ready. Once it gets milky, the corn is ready to eat but try to pick before it turns pasty. Cook as soon as possible after picking. 

Please note: We cannot send this item to WA.

Seed count varies ranging from 20-30 seeds per pack depending on supplier - please call ahead for confirmation.