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Seeds - Jicama (yam bean)

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Climbing perennial from Central America.

Edible part is the tuber which can be eaten raw or cooked and has the texture of raw apple. Sweet white crisp flesh, high quality starch, that when cooked, retains its crispness and is often used in Chinese dishes in place of water-chestnuts.

A perfect summer snack, cut into slices with Tajin sprinkled over.

Beans and pods are inedible, containing rotenone - a potent insecticide.

Sow tubers and seeds as soon as frost is over in milder climates. Larger tubers are achieved when flowers and pods are pruned off.

Space about 10-20 cm. apart. 150-180 days.

Please note: We cannot send this item to W.A.

Seed count varies ranging from 10-20 seeds per pack depending on supplier - please call ahead for confirmation.