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Seeds - Corn - White Hickory King Dent Maize

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Hickory King White Dent Corn is an heirloom maize variety which is exceptionaly good for for making cornbread, roasted elote, grits, hominy and nixtamalizing to make Mexican tortillas from scratch.  The skin of the corn kernel is easily removed making it easy to process.

Towering plants grow 8-10 feet tall with huge cobs yielding 10-12 rows of large white kernels.

Full sun and well-draining, rich soil are a must for this crop. For adequate pollination space 25cm apart in rows which are 60-70cm apart.

Seed count varies ranging from 20-30 seeds per pack depending on supplier - please call ahead for confirmation.

85-105 days to harvest.

Nixtamalising is an ancient method of soaking the dry kernels in a solution of water and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide).

Lime can be substituted with hardwood ash or even baking soda.

Please note: grow sweet corn isolated from maize corn as they can cross pollinate.
Corn is also best grown in blocks rather than single rows for good wind pollination.