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Seeds - Chile Rocoto Red - overstock sale

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What an awesome chile.  A favourite of the Mojo family who live in a cooler climate.  Our plants live for up to 8 years and fruit later so we're picking through winter.  A respectable heat and thick flesh make this a very versatile pepper in the kitchen too.

The Red Rocoto is a large red fruit that belongs to the pubescens family. These chiles have unusual hairy characteristics on the stem and leaves as well as black seeds inside the pod. The flowers are purple in colour. 

Medium in heat. The plant spreads outwards. A little harder to germinate and grow than other chillies but well worth the effort as it will winter over well in cooler areas and provide fruit well into winter.

Of all the domesticated species of peppers, this is the least widespread and systematically furthest away from all others. It is reproductively isolated from other species of the genus Capsicum.

A very notable feature of this species is its ability to withstand cooler temperatures than other pepper plants.

Seed count varies ranging from 10-30 seeds per pack depending on supplier - please call ahead for confirmation.