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Seeds - Chile Poblano

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The green form of ANCHO, is a broad heart shaped chile which grows to around 10cm long. Perfect for stuffing (chiles rellenos) and in salsa verde, chile verde and the wonderful Mexican dish 'chiles en nogada' which incorporates the three colours of the Mexican flag.

Plant to 60cm. 80 days.

The Poblano chile is named as it originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Dried, it is called ancho or chile ancho, from the Mexican Spanish name ancho ("wide") or chile ancho ("wide chile"). Typically a mild chile, the ripened red poblano is significantly hotter and more flavorful than the less ripe, green poblano. A closely related variety is the mulato, which is darker in color, sweeter in flavor, and softer in texture.

The bush has multiple stems and can reach 60cm in height. The fruit can be 7 - 15cm long and 5 - 7cm wide. An immature poblano is dark purplish green in color, but the mature fruits eventually turn a red so dark as to be nearly black.

Photo by stef yau from Seattle, USA - Poblano Pepper, CC BY 2.0,