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Seeds - chile Aji Panca (brown)

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Aji Brown, also referred to as Aji Panca.

After Aji Amarillo, this is the most common chile grown in South America.   It is highly sought after for its complex smoky sweet flavour that makes it perfect for making hot BBQ sauces and rubs.  Also an ideal chile to add to a Mexican mole since it also carries a somewhat chocolate berry overtone.  Use fresh, especially grilled on a BBQ to bring out the richest most smokey flavour imaginable.  Try them stuffed with a rice, sausage and cheese filling.

Pods mature to a deep dark brown colour and are up to 12cms long and are borne on a very tall plant which can grow to 6 feet.   Due to their size, Aji Brown prefer not to be bound by pot planting.

Seed count varies ranging from 15-30 seeds per pack depending on supplier - please call ahead for confirmation.