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Heat level : 7

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Hot Thai Green Sauce with Carolina Reaper 5oz (148ml)

Heat level : 7
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As seen on The Hot Ones - Season 11.

This is Seed Ranch’s hottest sauce yet.  Their Hot Thai Green brings the bright flavours of citrus & Thai herbs and to it adds vibrant green Carolina Reaper peppers and serrano peppers.  Paired with the heat, you'll enjoy lime, lemongrass, basil, cilantro, galangal (Thai ginger) plus a great texture from coconut flakes.

Ingredients: Organic white vinegar, water, organic lime juice, Thai ginger, organic serrano pepper, organic green Carolina Reaper pepper, organic garlic, organic cilantro, shallots, lemongrass, organic basil, salt, organic coconut flakes, organic coconut sugar, organic coriander, organic cumin, organic white pepper.

Gluten free, Vegan, Paleo friendly, Non-GMO and Organic ingredients.
Wonderfully different and incredibly delicious.

At Seed Ranch Flavor Co. we believe that honest, clean, and sophisticated flavours shouldn't only be for special occasions.  People should be able to trust what they're eating.  That's why you can count on Seed Ranch Flavor Co. for clean organic ingredients free from preservatives, GMOs or refined sugar.

We hand select fresh, quality ingredients from farms around the world. With these ingredients we blend, stir, and simmer every sauce to its truest perfection. We produce the finest flavours to make everyday meals extraordinary.