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San Marcos Pico de Gallo Mexican Salsa 230gm jar

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Pico de Gallo salsa is an all purpose mild salsa! Containing a zesty blend of diced tomatoes, crushed garlic, onion, chilies, a solid base of cilantro and hint of lime juice, this salsa is ideal for dipping with tortilla chips, excellent for poultry, pork and beef. Pour Pico de Gallo on tacos, burritos, fajitas, tamales, pastas, stews, salads and eggs.

It's name originates from the chiles traditionally used, resembling the shape of a roosters beak. Pico de Gallo is also known as salsa fresca, because it's made from fresh ingredients and vegetables. Pico de Gallo's colors also represent the Mexican Flag, the cilantro represents the green, the onions represent the white and the delicious tomatoes represent the red, giving way to a delicious thick and chunky Mexican Sauce.

In a ready to use jar, just open and serve. Enjoy!

Ingredients: tomato, onions, vinegar, jalapeno, coriander, salt, firming agent (509), preservative (211) and vegetable gum (412,415).