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Sabor de Oaxaca Mole Negro 500gm

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Oaxaca's famous mole negro sauce, a deeply complex chile-chocolate sauce, which traditionally takes all day to prepare.

The sauce is easy to use, just heat in a pan with broth. Add chicken to the sauce and allow to simmer.
500gm jar of concentrated paste is enough for 22 servings.

Also try spread on crackers or bread for a quick snack.

Ingredients: ancho peppers, guajillo peppers, pasilla peppers, mulato peppers, chocolate, onion, banana, sugar, raisins, cookies (wheat flour supplemented with folic acid & iron), vegetable oil, garlic, almonds, peanuts, pecans, sesame seeds, salt, natural flavors, cinnamon, sodium benzoate at 0.1% as preservative.