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Heat level : 7

Red Clipper Habanero Green Papaya and Mango Hot Sauce 200ml

Heat level : 7
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Red Clipper's Red Habanero, Green Papaya and Mango sauce is a versatile Caribbean blend which bursts with aromatic spices, habanero heat and is balanced out with subtle sweetness. Add depth to curries or brush over lamb for the ultimate marinade.

Ingredients: habanero chile (22%), green papaya (15.5%), white wine vinegar, mango (11%), water, dates, whole fresh lime, carot, sugar, lime juice, ginger, garlic, coriander, pimento (<0.1%), spices.

Chilli is a beautiful thing. There is such a diverse range of colours, shapes and complex flavours that underpin the famous chilli heat. We believe chilli is a grown-up flavour that is completely at home amongst other sophisticated, high quality ingredients. With this in mind, we wanted to create a beautiful range of sauces for chilli-loving foodies. Foodies like us. At Red Clipper we want to honour the humble chilli and give it its due credit. We create exciting, sophisticated flavours for lovers of chilli and chilli sauce. We focus on chilli as part of a blend of beautiful ingredients that can all speak for themselves within a sauce. We refine the chilli sauce reputation by giving it a grown-up look. We treat Red Clipper fans as the chilli lovers they are.

All our chilli sauces have enough chilli in them to taste it. You can taste the chilli in our mild sauces and you can taste the flavour in our hot sauces. We use fantastic ingredients, and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. We have created unique and exciting sauces with a balanced flavour palate, all in a distinctive bottle with an old-world feel. We want to challenge the notion of chilli sauce as ‘whacky ‘or ‘extreme’. Chilli sauce can be a sophisticated element of a refined meal and our flavours and packaging reflect that intention. We also want to move beyond the single-use idea that chilli sauce is only a condiment. Our sauces can absolutely stand as flavour sensations on their own, but they can be equally well utilised as an ingredient to complement a delicious dish. We know this because we try it all the time. At Red Clipper we believe it’s time for chilli to shine.

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