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Bulldozer BBQ - Midnight Charcoal Steak Rub 240gm

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Midnight Magic.  Australia's most magical steak rub.

Experience some of the best steaks you'll ever cook.  Keep it nice & pink inside, yet still get that tasty, dark crusty char on the outside!

This blend is mild and is formulated to compliment but not cover the flavours of your meat.

Made by Ranch Hand foods, this perfectly balanced blend is made for a steak but also great on low n slow brisket, short ribs, and pretty much everything else!

Ingredients: Victorian pink lake salt, black pepper (15%), garlic (12%), raw sugar, ancho (10%) and pasilla (10%) mild chile powders, onion, espresso roast coffee (4%), brown sugar, activated charcoal, other spices, cocoa.

Gluten Free