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Bulldozer Big Ballsy Beef Rib and Brisket Rub 210gm

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Beefy Buttery Goodness!!!

Imagine the most succulent slow smoked hunk of Aussie beef, rubbed with a South Texas style flavour base.  This rub has been perfected in Australia with roots going back to living in Texas decades ago.

No sugar!!!  Just amazing flavour from a great blend of Mexican chiles and Aussie salt n pepper.  This new and improved Big Ballsy Beef rub now brings Tasmanian Mountain Pepper and buttery goodness to your prime cuts.

Ingredients: Victorian Pink Lake Salt (18%), black pepper (15%), garlic (12%), other spices and herbs, ancho (10%), chipotle (5%), butter powder (Australian butter, maize maltodextrin, food acid) (2%), native Tasmanian mountain pepperberry (<1%).

Gluten Free
Contains Dairy

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