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Queen Majesty Charcoal Ghost Hot Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 6

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Queen Majesty Charcoal Ghost Hot Sauce balances a smoky sweetness with a remarkable heat. This original recipe was created in collaboration with our friends at Heatonist for the 2nd anniversary of their Brooklyn tasting room. We wanted to make a sauce that was sweet using plums & orange juice, and smoky from chipotle & pasilla negra.  It is a unique hot sauce that could even be used as a super spicy steak sauce.

The sauce owes its dark hue to the activated coconut shell charcoal, a mild ingredient with detoxifying properties.

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY using carefully selected ingredients.

Ingredients: White vinegar, black plums, sweet onions. apple cider vinegar, orange juice, ghost pepper, ginger root, garlic, papilla negro, chipotle, activated charcoal, olive oil, salt and spices.

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