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Powdered Smoke - Natural Mesquite

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Remember that smoky flavor of the campfire?

Whether you were grilling steaks on the fire with your friends last year or warming up baked beans at summer camp as a kid, everyone has some sort of place they’re taken to when they taste the flavor of wood smoke.

Mesquite Smoke Powder helps bring back all those memories with its campfire flavor. Add it to baked beans or meat cooked on the stove. Mix with a little salt or add to your favorite marinade. Mesquite Smoke Powder is sure to add that perfect smoky taste you’ve been searching for.

1 teaspoon powder for 1 lb. of meat to taste.
Equal amount compared to liquid.
For product mix, (spice blends, etc) 8 oz to 100 pounds of product.

Ingredients: barley maltodextrin, natural wood smoke, silicone dioxide (as an anti-caking agent).

Customer Reviews

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Elaine Neves Silveira Passos
Great smoke flavour!

I was looking for this type of powder it's been months and when I found it at Chile MOJO, I bought it straight away. Fast deliver and high satisfaction! I use in soups, stews, beans, anything! This is the second time that I bought this product and for sure won't be the last. Highly recommended!