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Mexican Mangonada Drink Kit

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Conjure up a Mexican holiday in your own back yard.  A Mangonada (also known as a mangoneada, chamoyada, or chamango) is your ticket.

A Mexican Mangonada is a perfect addition to any barbie gathering and a great way to bring summer back when the days grow shorter.

This kit gives you the hard to find ingredients and you just add mangos, a couple of household staples and some optional booze.

Kit includes:
1 Hola Spicy Apricot Chamoy 180ml
1 Tajin Seasoning 142gm
6 Zumba Mini Tirolo Banderilla Straws to serve

Mexican Mangonadas - how to, makes 2

* 1 cup mango chunks (frozen)
* ¾ cup water
* juice of ½ a lime
* 1 shot silver tequila or rum (optional)
* 2T chamoy or to taste
* Tajin to sprinkle
* 2T diced fresh mangos
* Banderilla candy straws to serve

* Prepare 2 large tumbler or highball glasses by dipping rim in a saucer of Chamoy and then a saucer of Tajin.
* Whizz frozen mango, water, lime juice and optional booze in a blender until smooth.
* Place ½Tbsp chamoy & then ½ tsp Tajin in bottom of prepared glasses.
* Divide half of the blended mangos to each glass.
* Create another layer with more chamoy and Tajin and top off with the rest of the mango.
* Finish by topping with 1T fresh mango and serve with a Banderilla candy straw.



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