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Mexican Earthenware Barro Botanero (6 segment serving plate)

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Barro literally means "mud" but in general means "clay,".   This beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted Barro Botanera is made by artisans using red clay is gathered from their surrounding hills.  Pieces of wood, stone and even corn are used as tools to mould the clay into shape.

Barro maybe glazed inside or out (or both) then fired over low heat. The results are earthy, stunning and a pleasure to use. Clay has been traditionally used in Mexican cooking because the clay imparts a specific flavor to the foods that can't be reproduced in a metal pot.  It  is important to note that this quality means it will also take on the flavour of soaps and detergents so it is best just to wash with water only.

Please also keep in mind that as  this clay material is hand made from beginning to end, minimal chipping is natural.  Each one is imperfect in some way because each is unique and individually made.  Please do not order this item if you want a perfect finish, that's just not the nature of this authentic piece.

Large lead-free clay plate with six smaller clay dividers for snacks, a hand made product by a Mexican Artisan.

Use for salsa, guacamole, nuts, pickles, olives, crackers, cheese cubes, etc.