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Heat level : 11

Melbourne Hot Sauce Reaper Whisky BBQ 150ml

Heat level : 11
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An extra hot alternative to our award winning Chipotle BBQ.

Perfect as a baste, marinade or mop for all your favourite barbecue meats, like pork ribs, brisket, chicken wings & beef ribs.

Can be used as a tomato sauce substitute smothered over Fries, burgers, sandwiches, vegetables & anything that needs some extra fiery BBQ goodness.

Dairy free. Not suitable for Vegans(contains honey).
We use Vegan friendly & gluten free Worcestershire.
May contain trace elements of gluten.

Hand crafted small batch hot sauce made with all natural ingredients in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

We only use high quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives, additives, fillers, extracts, or thickeners.

Ingredients: Tomato, Carolina Reaper, Molasses, Malt Whisky, Worcestershire, Honey, Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Chipotle, All Spice, Smoked Paprika, Lemon, Salt, Sugar, Acetic acid.