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Heat level : 4

Melbourne Hot Sauce Hop Smoked Jalapeno 150ml

Heat level : 4
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Hop Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Perfect as a table sauce or addition to marinades, dressings, sauces & emulsions.

In order to create this perfectly balanced beer based red jalapeno hot sauce, jalapenos are smoked for 6 hours over Galaxy Hops & locally sourced Cherry wood which produces a unique complex smokey flavour. The addition of extra pale ale from Melbourne based Wolf of the Willows adds a whole new layer of depth which is balanced out by Tasmanian Cider Vinegar from Mock Red Hill.

A great addition for all meats and vegetables that are in need of a unique smokey flavour.

Ingredients: Jalapeno (56%) smoked over galaxy hops & cherry wood, Cider Vinegar, XPA beer (contains gluten) , Tomato, Lemon, Sugar, Salt, Rosemary.

Vegan friendly. Dairy free. Contains less than 1% alcohol by volume

We only use high quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives, additives, fillers, extracts, MSG or thickeners.

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