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Circle Harvest Mealworm Snacks - Cinnamon Churros 20gm

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Our roasted mealworms with cinnamon and sugar is perfect if you're looking for a sweet treat.  Our Cinnamon Churros Mealworms will definitely hit the spot and work great as an afternoon snack giving you a much needed pick me up with a fantastic protein and B12 brain boost. 

The mealworms are high in protein, calcium and amino acids and the yummy flavour coating gives them a salty and satisfying taste that will keep you going back for more. The mealworms have the delicious crunchy texture of rice bubbles, so make a great addition for a healthy kids lunch box. 

Available in 20g stand up pouch. 

Ingredients - Mealworms (tenebrio molitor) 97%, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Cinnamon. 

Allergen Information: People who are allergic to SHELLFISH can have a similar reaction when eating edible insects.