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Louisiana Wing Original Sauce 354ml

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Featuring a rich orange color and bursting with full-bodied flavor formulated for Cajun cuisine, Louisiana wildly wicked original wing sauce is far from your average wing sauce!

This Louisiana buffalo wing sauce has been crafted using top-quality red cayenne peppers, adding garlic, salt, and a pinch of sugar for a unique blend of savory, smooth, and hot flavors!

Despite that it tastes like an original, homemade mix, this wing sauce is ready to use right out of the container. From coating traditional buffalo wings to creating a hot buffalo chicken dip, this Louisiana wing sauce is all you need to kick up the flavor of any entree or side dish.

You can even rub this wing sauce on meats and fish or add it to marinades, dips, and dressings with some heat.

Thicker and slightly hotter than Frank's original, this sauce makes amazing wings.

Ingredients: red cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, soybean oil, sugar, xanthan gum, polysorbate 80, citric acid, datem, natural garlic flavor.