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La Tortilleria White Corn Tortillas 14.5cm - 1kg (approx 47)

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Finally, a quality Australian made-from-scratch tortilla using 100% Australian-grown GMO- free corn.

La Tortillaria prepares these authentic corn tortillas using traditional nixtamal methods which results in a superior taste and texture.

* Gluten Free & endorsed by Coeliac Australia
* GMO Free
* Prepared in facilities free of dairy, soy, nuts, egg, gluten and fish products
* Preservative & additive free
* 100% Australian-grown white corn
* Made from nixtamalized masa dough, not masa flour

Ingredients: Corn (99.5%), sea salt, traces of lime.

Approx 47 tortillas per pack - 1kg

Due to the fresh nature of these tortillas, shelf life will range from 2-6 weeks.

Good shelf life is due to their packaging and is not reliant on preservatives.

Customer Reviews

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A staple food that keeps well and is healthy

Fresh or freeze 'em. I found a pack from (ahem) 3 months back that once opened were absolutely fine after being stored in a cool dark place and refrigerated afterwards.
Pure corn and water with some lime, just like they've always been made.
Delicious, nutritious, addictive and a healthy option no matter what you fill them with.
Kilos sounds a lot, but they do get eaten once that cast iron griddle gets going... The perfect ISO food that keeps and is sooooo good for you.
I love and CM service is second to none.