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La Tortilleria Blue Corn Tortillas 14.5cm - 1kg (approx 45) - collect in-store only

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La Tortilleria soft Mayan Blue Corn tortillas taste like real corn tortillas should, flavoursome and delicious. These are a staple for many iconic Mexican dishes, from Tacos to Enchiladas.

With a slightly sweeter and nuttier flavour than white or yellow tortillas, blue corn tortillas taste as good as they look.

La Tortilleria is a traditional Mexican tortilla bakery based in Melbourne dedicated to making authentic corn tortillas from scratch. They stone-grind Australian-grown corn in their traditional Mexican mill, then bake their tortillas fresh daily to create a product that is:
• Gluten Free
• Preservative Free
• Non-GMO
• Low Fat & Trans Fat Free
• Vegan
• 100% Locally-Made from Australian Ingredients

La Tortilleria is run by passionate Mexican immigrant Gerardo Lopez, and Australian-born Mexican-food-enthusiast Diana Hull. These tortillas are made out of real corn, grown in Australia and freshly ground.

PLEASE NOTE: as a refrigerated product, these are for local pick up only.