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Incas Cancha Saladita - salty fried corn snack 4oz (113.4g)

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Delicious crunchy fried corn kernels which complement many meals such as ceviche, stews, soups or simply eat it as a snack.  Perfect while drinking beer.

Very similar to chulpe but while Chulpe is a longer and narrower kernel, Cancha is wider and thicker and gets slightly puffed when toasted.  A dry, salty snack which is surprisingly addictive.

Ingredients: Cancha Corn, Palm Oil (Sorbitan Tristearate SIN 492 as anti-crystallizing Agent, Tert-Butylhydroquinone SIN 319 as antioxidant, Polydimethylsiloxane SIN900a as antifoaming Agent, Citric Acid SIN 330 as Acidulant), Salt and Nitrogen as a preservative.