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Inca Kola 375ml

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Inca Kola is a hugely popular soft drink that was created in Peru in 1935 by British immigrant Joseph Robinson Lindley using lemon verbena (verbena de Indias or cedrón in Spanish).

The soda has a sweet, fruity flavor that somewhat resembles its main ingredient, lemon verbena. Americans compare its flavor to bubblegum or creaming soda. Sometimes categorized as a champagne cola, it has been described as "an acquired taste" whose "intense color alone is enough to drive away the uninitiated".

Inca Kola is an iconic beverage in Peru and a source of national pride and patriotism.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, Sugar, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate, Caffeine, Flavorings, Tartrazine coloring.

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