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Hotlix Larvets Cheddar 2gm

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Fully Edible Real Worms, Be the talk of the party, great for gifts, or maybe you will even get hooked yourself!

All BUGS used in the manufacture of HOTLIX are raised for the purpose of human consumption and meet food standards regulations.

Ingredients: Larva, Whey, Dry Milk, Salt, Cheese, Soybean Oil,Sweet & Sour Cream, Corn & Soy Flour, Seasonings.

Also available in cartons or individually:
Worm Suckers: available in Tequila, Blueberry, Watermelon, Apple & Orange.
Scorpion Suckers: available in Apple, Banana, Blueberry & Strawberry.
Crick-ettes flavored Cricket Snax: in Sour Cream, Bacon Cheddar and Salt & Vinegar.
Larvets flavored Worm Snax: in BBQ, Mexican Spice & Cheddar Cheese flavors
Ant Candy: Red Cherry or Green Apple
InsectNside Amber Brittle Candy