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Heat level : 6

Hellfire Chocolate Cherry Hell Hot Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 6
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Sweet and spicy. Dark, rich and decadently delicious.

An amazing blend of sweet cherries, chocolate, and choc habanero peppers with a splash of maple syrup, bourbon & vodka to really create a special and memorable sauce.

It's the ultimate dessert sauce and great on brownies & icecream.  Try on vanilla icecream, the cherries really shine through and are followed by the sting and flavor of habanero - simply wonderful.

But don't stop there, Hellfire Chocolate Cherry Hell Hot Sauce is also amazing as an exotic unusual BBQ or steak sauce pairing particularly well with beef or venison.

Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, cherry juice made from concentrate, Chocolate Habanero pepper mash (Chocolate Habanero peppers and vinegar), plums (plums, water, pear juice concentrate), prunes (prunes, water, pear juice concentrate), blueberries, cocoa powder, raisins, honey, pure maple syrup, bourbon (40%ABV), Anaheim chile powder, salt, vodka 80 proof, vanilla extract (vanilla bean extractives in water and alcohol (41%)), cinnamon.