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Heat level : 6

Heatseekers Smokey Jolokia Chilli Steak Sauce 150ml

Heat level : 6
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A very hot chilli steak sauce by Heatseekers, made with Bhut Jolokia and Chipotles with a slight smokey and sweet taste to it. It goes really well with any red meats, pork, nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, fajitas, chicken and cheese and crackers. Experience the flavour first and then let the burn kick in. One of the best and unique tasting sauces around!

Ingredients: Vinegar, Apple, Water, Onion, Sultanas, Chillies: Chipotles (smoked Jalapeno) & Bhut Jolokia, Lime Juice, Sugar, Salt, Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce and Spices. (Contains Wheat and Soya Beans)