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Frankies Fine Brine - The Whiskey Pickle 24oz (680gm)

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There’s no muckin’ about with this pickle. It’s straight up in your face flavour from the first bite. Bathed in glorious whiskey and packing a respectable amount of Habanero heat and smoky Chipotle under its belt – Finally a pickle with plenty of punch to up your BBQ game.

'Frankie Vale', the infamous 1920's bootlegger is better known for smuggling canadian booze into New York and lesser known for his appreciation of fine pickles.  Rumour has it that his brined beauties were a front for his liquor business.  We tip our hat to the man and the mythg with our signature liquor soaked pickles and classic brines.

Ingredients: cucumber (55%), water, distilled vinegar, salt, whiskey, garlic, mustard seed, whole black pepper, coriander seed, crushed red pepper, caraway seed, fresh habanero pepper, ground chipotle pepper, ground habanero pepper.