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Frankies Fine Brine - The Gin Pickle 24oz (680gm)

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The king pin of pickles - this fella is bathed in gin brine with hints of juniper, rosemary and a touch of jalapeno spice for good measure. Unleash a spear or two into your next bloody mary or splash some brine into your dirty martini for some serious pickle-tipple swagger.

Hand-pickled in the USA using the finest of brines, these beauties are begging to hitch a ride on your burger or get cosy with your next cheeseboard.

Named for Frankie Yale, the infamous 1920s bootlegger who is better known for smuggling Canadian booze into New York and lesser for his appreciation of fine pickles – rumor has it that his brined beauties were a front for his liquor business.

Picked in the peak of the season, the cucumbers are transported directly from farm to our kitchen, where they’re hand-packed into a fine brine of apple cider vinegar and the freshest ingredients to give our pickles a bang.

ULTRA SMALL BATCH - Handmade the traditional way in the USA using the finest ingredients.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - These bad boys are the real deal! Free from any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Ingredients: cucumbers (55%), water, white distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar, jalapeno, kosher salt, raw sugar, mustard seed, gin, juniper, black pepper, dill seed, fresh frosemary, fresh dill.

Naturally gluten free and vegan.
Non-GMO verified.