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Fire Asstinguisher - post chili relief 150ml

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Giving your mate a scorching hot sauce?   Consider their lasting memories of you when they deal with the 'aftermath' of your gift.

Remain friends but including this soothing 'post-chile' relief Fire Asstinguisher with your gift.

Many folks enjoy the heat and endorphin rush of chile peppers and over indulgence can often be comated with milk.  But much of the punishment comes later in the piece where it's not so easy to soothe.  Fire Asstinguisher to the rescue.  It's a foaming soap with a collection of ingredients designed to aid in post-chile discomfort.

Fire Asstinguisher is made with a mild castile soap, soothing witch hazel (with alcohol), essential oils of lemongrass and eucalyptus with water.

This cooling combination provides relief from the post-chile effect known as the "Ring of Fire".